The Last Note

Dear Sir ,
I am an Engineer.
This is my last note, the last one before my black ball point pen draws an end to my 4 year journey by a simple full stop. Because when the last MCQ would fill an empty white space with an answer and that too from the slightest whisper of a friend sitting in the far corner, my long journey would have been ended. I know, I would not get a suppli. As the last night study would save me this time too just as it had for the last 4 years.
This is my last note, the last note before I will carefully take out a piece of paper from my hip pocket which would give me 15 fortunate marks. This is the last note before I would excuse myself last time maybe for 5 minutes just to visit the washroom, maybe to find the help of a friend with whom I have fixed an appointment with. Or specifically, this would be the last time I would get out and look for the most studious girl (It has to be the female gender) of our group just to check out if she had opted for (B) in question number 5.
This is my last note, the last one before I would stand underneath the bar post in the lush green ground outside. This is the last note before I would ever taste a joint moving in counter or feel the anxiety of holding a cigarette in shaky fingers for the first time. Never would I get the chance to show the King of Spade and win the hand to win a bet among my dear friends
This is my last note because never ever I would get the opportunity to kneel down before the Girl I loved and propose her near the wooden table in front of the dirty blackboard and behind the second door of room number 105 with a red rose in my hand and faster heart beats. Neither would I get the opportunity to reunite my folks and bunk a class just to watch a movie.
4 years were never enough Sir.
I may have been just one more usual candidate of yours but you were life for me.
From ,
One of Your disobedient and unfaithful students 🙂

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