The Origami

“Hey wait! What’s that?”

Amongst the several other viewers in the museum I was not expecting her to suddenly react to a simple piece of art placed cautiously on the extreme corner of the museum. Not that she didn’t react like this before but I was not prepared. She was pointing to an origami, a sheet of paper turned into a blue colored butterfly and marking its significance with an strikingly exceptional presence.

“That’s an origami! You haven’t seen one before?” I asked her. Nafisa – the girl of my life set to marry me in a few months seemed to be well affected by the beautiful art

“No…i thought it to be an original! As if a butterfly was sitting in the middle of a fucking museum! Can’t we meet the artist?” She turned towards me with a distinctive look, one which i have never been able to turn down.

She seemed excited and in spite of several arguments, she won and dragged me towards that item number 279 just to seek the name of the artist. As we moved closer, we invented the details attached there. The piece of art looked much more prominent and more beautiful at a zooming distance. The butterfly had an astounding touch of attraction which made me stand there and admire the work of the artist. I now understood the cause of my fiancee being mistaken by the realistic appearance of the butterfly from a fare distance. With slight white circles spread among its wings, the blue piece of paper also possessed a strange contentment, an ability to make you stick around it. As i was busy analyzing the piece of art, my partner was trying to identify the information attached with it.

“Chocho!” She whispered into my years.

Completely unaware of the term, i looked into her eyes with a series of interrogative. She understood my confusion and started laughing. And before i could make out the reason for her laugh(whether due to the awkward pronunciation of the term or my bewildered looks), i noticed the huge white board placed underneath the glass box where the origami was kept.

CHOCHO – Common symbol in Japanese culture to represent young girls” it read. I continued reading with interest.

Just as the caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis to become the butterfly, a young girl transforms into a beautiful lady and become more confident and beautiful as they mature.

“You agree?” I was interrupted again by her. She asked looking into my eyes.

“Yeah somewhat. All women are beautiful. Some outside, some inside!” I smiled.

“Keep your crap with you! I don’t believe this bullshit. However the last part is quite something to praise.” She again turned to the board. I focused my attention again towards the last part which was claimed to be interesting from her.

Two butterflies flying together are also seen as a symbol for a happy marriage, as one butterfly represents the husband and the other represents the wife.” I looked at her. She was smiling. Maybe the word ‘marriage’ has aroused her intentions and unfulfilled dream. I kept looking at her when she made another of her quotes ‘Where’s the other one then? There should be two by my calculations! The artist missed one right?”

And just as i was starting to begin my part of explanation behind this, another voice emerged from behind out of a total silence and reached our senses.

“I didn’t miss it. I waited for a girl like you to complete my pair of Chocho.” Both of us turned around to see a young guy standing behind us, tall-dark-handsome by the very meaning of the adjectives. Somewhere inside my heart, i felt this guy, the artist knew my fiancee and as i looked at her only things i saw were two glaring eyes fixed at a point staring towards the guy. The eyes had a strange mixture of curiosity and hatred, i could feel it.

“I knew we had to meet!” The guy made his second comment which made me sure of the fact that these two persons had a past. And as i was going to comment my quote, my fiancee snatched it and made a precedence with her’s , “Excuse me please! I have to go…” And she quite surprisingly rushed towards the exit leaving back a look towards me signifying i need to follow her. I guessed the situation, I knew the reason. I wanted to ask the guy his name, I wanted to know the past! But somehow i controlled my urge and followed her instead.

Things left unsaid and unanswered that day as i didn’t raise the topic again.

1 year later

It is our first anniversary. Me and Nafisa. And it is time for me to present her my first gift. With shaking hands, i hand over the small square box to her. She gives her evergreen smile and hugs me. As she starts untying the knots of the small box, I keep looking at her face. I want to capture her expressions because i want to know the answers to the questions left unanswered that day.

As the lid of the box is opened, i notice a gasp in her face. Surely she has been struck with astonishment and wasn’t expecting this from her newly wedded husband. And slowly and steadily i can view the genuine and sincere smile spreading over her face all around, a feel of satisfaction

“Chocho!” For the second time, i heard that term from the same person. But this time it has a sense of completeness, something more to it.

“And its a pair” She completes her sentence with the beautiful smile on her face, the smile which made me fell for her in the first place. The box is filled with two beautiful blue coloured butterflies facing each other in quest of happiness.

“Yes, the male and the female, signifying a happy marriage” I want to make her happy. The same reason for which i never asked her that day about her past, the same reason for which i trusted her and decided to live life along, the same reason for which i had walked miles away from the city to collect a pair of ‘Chocho’ just to see to the look of satisfaction on my princess’ face. The look and the smile for which a man can do anything for her girl.

“Happy anniversary Dhruv! And thank you”. She then leans forward and kisses me, the act for which i was totally unprepared. I enjoy it though πŸ™‚



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